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DevOps Engineer Java - Rotterdam

Datum publicatie:Tue, 13 Feb 2018 12:00:00 +0100
Datum gewijzigd:13-FEB-2018 11:17

Profiel: Being a DevOps Engineer means you are responsible for ensuring the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery within our projects and building the bridge between development and operations. You design, implement and maintain technical solutions and processes enabling development/projects fast and automated deployments/tests to the available OTAP-street environments with as little as possible human intervention. Also you are responsible for setting up high available and fully scalable web services, while using cutting edge Java/HTML software development in a fast paced environment with the latest technologies and standards. Below some of the DevOps activities where you preferably need some experience in: ? Using a wide variety of open source technologies and tools ? Coding (Java/HTML) and shell scripting ? Dealing with Linux systems and IT operations ? Comfort with frequent, incremental code deployment and testing ? Dealing with automation tools (puppet, Jenkins, maven, ..) ? Dealing with monitor tools (Nagios, selenium, kibana, ..) ? Data management skills ? Supporting developers in the setup development process ? Improving functionality/security/performance of web- and application servers (Apache, Tomcat, ..) ? Working in an Agile/Scrum team ? Being creative to find technical solutions for any problems or challenges. Overige criteria Een relevante afgeronde HBO of universitaire opleiding; - Creatief in het vinden van technische oplossingen/out-of-the-box denken; - Sterke analytische- en communicatieve vaardigheden; - Goede uitdrukkingsvaardigheid in de Nederlandse en Engelse taal. Alice Bakker +31 88 3278402 Alice Bakker +31 88 3278402